Micro Lending Consultant

Job Details

Micro Lending consultants at Positiviti Lending are dynamic professionals responsible for raising capital to support the company's micro lending activities in Kenya. They play a crucial role in expanding the organization's reach and driving its financial growth. Consultants are compensated through commission-based earnings, with the commission rates varying depending on the capital raised. While a college degree is preferred, the primary focus is on the consultant's ability to effectively raise funds and contribute to the company's success.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Capital acquisition: Micro lending consultants actively engage with potential investors and stakeholders to secure capital for Positiviti Lending. They employ effective sales and negotiation strategies to attract investments and meet fundraising targets.
  2. Relationship building: Consultants establish and maintain strong relationships with prospective investors, cultivating trust and confidence in Positiviti Lending's mission and business model. They provide comprehensive information about the company's micro lending services, addressing any concerns or inquiries potential investors may have.
  3. Financial analysis: Consultants conduct thorough financial analysis and due diligence to present investment opportunities to potential investors. They assess risk factors and explain the potential returns, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Networking and marketing: Micro lending consultants actively network within the financial community, attending industry events and leveraging their professional connections to expand Positiviti Lending's investor base. They contribute to the development and execution of marketing strategies to raise awareness about the company's micro lending services.
  5. Performance tracking and reporting: Consultants monitor their fundraising activities, track capital raised, and provide regular reports to the management team. They analyze data and assess the effectiveness of different fundraising approaches, making recommendations for optimizing capital acquisition strategies.


  • Preferred college degree: While a college degree is preferred, Positiviti Lending values practical skills and experience in capital raising and investor relations. Candidates with relevant experience and a proven track record in fundraising may be considered even without a college degree.
  • Strong sales and negotiation skills: Consultants must possess excellent sales and negotiation abilities to effectively pitch investment opportunities and secure capital for Positiviti Lending.
  • Financial acumen: A solid understanding of financial analysis and investment principles is essential to assess the viability of investment opportunities and communicate financial data to potential investors.
  • Networking and communication skills: Consultants should have exceptional interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships with investors, industry professionals, and other stakeholders.
  • Result-oriented mindset: The role requires a self-motivated and target-driven approach, with consultants being accountable for meeting capital fundraising goals and contributing to the company's growth.
  • Knowledge of micro lending industry: Familiarity with the micro lending industry, particularly in Kenya, is beneficial as it helps consultants understand the market landscape and effectively promote Positiviti Lending's services.

Working as a micro lending consultant for Positiviti Lending offers an exciting opportunity to make a positive impact on financial inclusion in Kenya while earning commissions based on the capital raised. The role combines financial expertise, relationship-building skills, and entrepreneurial drive to contribute to the company's success and personal career growth.

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