Lender Terms and Conditions

Important Updates to Our Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Terms and Conditions, effective June 25th, 2024. Your continued participation as a Lender member in Positiviti on or after this date indicates your acceptance of these changes. It is essential that you thoroughly review the updated terms.

In our commitment to transparency, we have outlined the revisions below. However, we strongly encourage you to review the complete Terms and Conditions to fully understand all your rights and obligations as a participating lender member. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 1-833-593-0135.

Key Changes to Our Terms and Conditions:

  • Change in Fund Allocation Responsibility: California Analytics will no longer handle the receipt, logging, and forwarding of funds for the program. Instead, World Workforce International Inc. will assume these responsibilities. Effectively immediately, all wire instructions and transactions related to the program will be managed by World Workforce International Inc. California Analytics will ensure that all remaining and pending wires received are forwarded to World Workforce International Inc.
  • Acknowledgement of Volatility and Use of Loaned Funds: The Terms and Conditions now include a new section addressing the volatility of the USD to Kenyan Shillings exchange rate and specifying the permitted uses of the loaned funds by participants. This section aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding currency risks and fund utilization.
  • New Term Introduction: We are introducing a new term, the 'Concluding Lending Period '. This term is designed to provide clear guidance on the action's lender members can take once the thirteenth month concludes. It outlines the options for lender members, authorizing them to decide their continued participation and involvement in the program beyond the initial lending period.

All adjustments to the Terms and Conditions will be shown in italics and underlined, please see below.

Updated Terms and Conditions:

The International Microloan Program, Positiviti is a joint venture between World Workforce International Inc and Open Valley Investment Group Limited.

1. Participation: Participants must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this program. To receive interest, participating Lender members must have their principal contribution secured in Positiviti for a minimum of thirteen (13) months.

2. Tiers of Interest:

  • Contributions under $50,000 earn an interest of one percent (1%) per month.
  • Contributions of $50,000 or more earn an interest of three percent(3%) per month.
  • After the thirteen (13) month lending period, the total amount of earned interest plus principal is available. After this period, the funds may continue in the program for successive twelve (12-month) terms, indefinitely renewing each year unless notified otherwise.

3. Concluding Lending Period: After completing the thirteen (13) month lending period, the total amount of earned interest plus principal is available. Following this period, you may choose to extend your participating loaned principal funds along with accumulated interest for subsequent years unless notified otherwise.

4. Program Description: The lending program consists of a microloan portfolio targeting qualified SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Africa, as per IFC 2024 data.

5. Risk Disclosure: This program carries a significant element of high risk. Positiviti is not a bank and is not FDIC-insured. There is no guarantee of the return of principal or interest, and the principal lent may lose value.

6. Grace Period: here is a thirty (30) day grace period during which no interest is earned on initial lending contributions. Interest accrues monthly after this period.

7. Fund Allocation: World Workforce International Inc. will receive and document deposits/contributions of loaned funds and allocate Positiviti funds for operational objectives and purposes related to international microloan lending.

8. Brand and Account Management:

  • Positiviti is the brand name of the microloan lending program.
  • Quarterly value statements are issued for each account, and online account access is available for each participating lender.

9. Check Processing: The program can take up to a ten (10) business day grace period to deposit checks based on the received date. The "contribution date" will be backdated to the received date if the check is not deposited within this period.

10. Distribution Processing

  • Distributions of $25,000 or less can take up to fifteen (15) business days.
  • Distributions over $25,000 can take up to thirty (30) business days.
  • Processing distributions of $100,000 or more may require up to sixty (60) business days.
  • No interest accrues on the account during the distribution processing period.

11. Hold Times: Banks and financial institutions, including Positiviti Lending, may impose hold times on funds to comply with regulatory obligations and internal procedures, mitigating risks such as fraud and money laundering associated with large transactions.


As a participating lender member, I acknowledge and understand the importance of effectively managing loaned funds in micro-lending, particularly in volatile currency environments like USD to Kenyan Shillings fluctuations. I understand that Positiviti and Open Valley Investment Group Limited (OVIG) allocate my loaned funds strategically for operational use, which includes program expenses, direct micro-lending operations in Kenya, and staff and operational costs. I also understand that this approach maximizes impact and sustainability, ensuring Positiviti and Open Valley Investment Group Limited (OVIG) remain competitive while empowering local communities through responsible micro-lending practices.

As a participating lender member, I acknowledge and understand that Positiviti has the right to conduct a credit check/background check. This measure ensures compliance with authorities and safeguards against corruption, terrorism, money laundering, or fraud. Additionally, you understand that the administrative office is required to report the value of any cash or assets withdrawn from Positiviti. This information is reported to both the Lender member and the IRS via IRS Form 1099-INT. Form 1099-INT will be issued to participating Positiviti Lender members by January 31st of the year following any asset withdrawal from the program.